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what is an inchie?

Inchies are tiny pieces of mixed-media art.  

Inchies are one inch square as a rule, however you can make 'twinchies' (two inches square) - or any other size you can think of, as long as they are small.    You can use any material; paper, fabric, metal, beads, lace - whatever.  

Your inchies can then be used together to make anything!  Handbags, boxes, pictures etc etc. 

On this site you will find 'inch-spiration' on how to construct your inchies - and what to do with them when they are made. 

tim holtz antique key on lace inchie mushroom

The joy of inchies...

Inchies are great fun and have some brilliant advantages... 

Their tiny size presents you with a very friendly and un-intimidating canvass.  You will never suffer the terror of the blank page with an inchie.

They are tiny and so do not take long to do, you need not commit yourself to a large project, just make your inchies when you have a few minutes and keep them for later.   Or... if all goes terribly badly... throw them away knowing you have not wasted many of your valuable materials or much of your time.

They do not cost much... you can use any old scraps that you have; buttons, sequins and bits of broken jewellery.

They are a great excuse to trawl jumble sales, charity shops and the haberdashery departments that you find when out and about. 

You can build in scraps of old clothing and jewellery worn for memory boxes and photo album covers.  

There are no rules and inchies are fun fun fun. 

contact us - home - fabric inchies - inchie projects index - links offers how to make ideas, techniques and inspiration for embroidering, paper crafting and otherwise making inchies from different materials and using different approaches.  

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