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knitting bag on wooden frame

I purchased a vintage knitting bag with a wooden frame in a charity shop for the princely sum of £1.99 (future funding for Missing Persons Charity is now all but assured)

I started by removing the old fabric cover and then rubbing down and painting the frame with some spare eggshell paint.

I carefully cut apart the old bag to provide a pattern.  I bought a 1 metre length of blue felt and cut the relevant pieces from this.  I did include some outer and inner pockets and a lining piece to make the bag more robust and hide the inchie attachment stitches. 

I then blanket stitched my inchies (actually 2" squares) using different colours of cotton pearl #8 crochet cotton to the outer pieces.  

Finally I stitched the whole thing together with blanket stitch in a blue #8 cotton pearl crochet cotton. 


inchie knitting bag
wooden framed knitting bag


inchie knitting bag


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